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Where is home? Listening to the music of your soul ;o))

This blog is from last year, when I decided to write to you in English. A short magical trip to another city made me think about the question, where is home?

Is it where you feel at home? And where you can unwind and be yourself? And if so, can one feel at home in more than one place? And what makes you feel at home? Let's start with the last one, just because I can and feel that this one is essential: what makes you feel at home?

This can be atmosphere, the place or surroundings you are in, or the people surrounding you. But most of all it is you. The way you hold, let go or be with yourself, and how you see, feel and enjoy or in other words observe and connect to the atmosphere, place or and people surrounding you! This can differ per day (maybe hour), week, month or year. But only when being open to and with yourself (the light and the dark in you), you can experience these longings, expressing yourself one way, or the other. May it be in a quiet writing your diary way, telling your friends or partner your inner wishes or daily longings way, or doing it with your hands or body in a creative way painting, knitting, sporting, running, crafting, swimming, dancing way. Only then will you be able (in my opinion), to tune in with yourself, and what the universe has waiting for you.

Once you sit down, and tune into yourself, your inner voice, the whispers of your soul, only then will you be able to truly hear what it is saying to you. At first your mind (ego) will start telling you stuff (why are we doing this, why are we sitting still, why do we need to be quiet?) And then after becoming literally more quiet, listening to your inner voice, your calling, talking to you and sending you signals. Noticing those signals (these can be subtle or numbers passing your path, animals like butterflies dropping by in moments you are in doubt, music or songs calling to you or total strangers reaching out to you) and being open to the inner child, each of us have inside of us, inside of our hearts, is crucial.

When you listen, you can slowly (trust me it sounds easy when I write it but it is an almost daily practise & exercise) unravel the things that make you tick, and the things that don’t. Not to say you only have to behave like a little (spoiled) child all the time, but more to tune into the music of your soul.

SAY WHAT? With this I mean the internal drive or passion you feel about something and letting go of the thoughts saying you should do this or that now because it's just the way it is, or should be, or it is what everybody does, or you shouldn’t nag when you feel x, y or z. Listening to the music of your soul is listening to your inner self.

What I’m trying to say is, try listening to your gut, your intuition, your soul. So back to the question: what makes you feel at home? To me it is where your (or mine) gut feeling can unwind, relax and be themselves. Where you, and all of you can laugh, cry, work, play, heal, be open, be receptive, sport, dance, love, all at the same time or in some a sort off “balanced” mix. Where you are, where you live, travel and connect to what is there, you can experience what mix works for you. This dynamic of observing and acting will keep you awake, gounded and alive!

This unique mix, I think, is different for everyone, so no one size fits all answer. However this mix can certainly be felt in different places, in different phases, alone or with different people.

And to me, this is where home is. It's where you are with all the different energies (you and your unique mix) surrounding you and in you. Home is where you bring yourself every day, showing up for yourself with all there is and all there isn’t.

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